Working on my Jeiteles connections

For the past few days I have been working on my Jeiteles connections.  The surname shows up on my Maternal side around 4 generation back connected to the Perutz through the Wieners.   I thought I had a lead the on Tuesday that would enable it to go further back then I presently have but I have not been able to confirm were our two surnames connect exactly.

Right now I have it that Jakob Hermann Jeiteles married a Rebbekka Koppelmann Foges.  This was recorded in the book "Long Forgotten Events from Empirical Austria" by Jakob Ludwig Heller (he married Auguste Jeiteles) which he states in the book was a cousin of his.  I am purchasing the book and patiently waiting for its arrival to be able to verify a little bit more information.  In the book he also states that he has 87 cousins.  That should be interesting to list.

If anyone else has some information about the Jeiteles family from Austria please leave a comment.

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