A new website for Austria: http://www.GenTeam.at

I am not sure if anyone has heard of a new website (well at least to me) for Austrian genealogy resources called GenTeam.  So far they have alot of obituaries, gazetteers, biography's and more for Austria.  The website is pretty strait forward and only requires you to setup a free account to use it.

I have been able to find multiple new obituaries for my relatives from Austria that I was unable to find with just ANNO (Austrian Newspapers Online).  I know that HugoGold has a listing but I think the one here has many more obituaries indexed.

I hope that they add more for the surrounding area's and even military would be a great addition.  From looking over the site it looks like it is a community driven website with index's.  From the website:

  • GenTeam is a loose organization of genealogists or historians who produce databases on their own or as a part of a group, and who offer these databases to all researcher without any fee.
  • GenTeam is a non-commercial organization!
  • The geographical centre of the databases is the present-day  Austria and its neighboring lands.
  • The use of the databases is without any fee; only a simple registration is required.
  • As with every index of database, this collection will also contain mistakes because of reasons outside of our control. Databases offered by GenTeam are not meant to replace research in original records, and this must be done in the archives.

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