Thanks for stopping by this weekend.

Thank you Geneablogger for today's traffic and sorry for everyone for lack of updates for a few days.  I took a short trip up to see a friend in Malibu over the holiday weekend so I have not had the chance to make any updates to the site.

I saw that I was going to be listed on Geneabloggers but time got the better of me, and then I forgot about it.  I have been busy also.  I was visiting a friend, which turned out to be a genealogy visit in disguise.  I had a great time up there, but I also am helping my friend and another person research their family tree's.

On one of the tree's we have made some headway and I will try and post a little about that soon.  On the second family I will also start some posts he has an interesting family history that everyone should know, but that will have to wait for another post.

Off to help my friend try and connect more dots.

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