A lazy day

Today was a lazy day, well not really I guess.  For Genealogy it was though.  I tried to do some searching but was not really into it.  Looked up few on FindaGrave, no luck, tried some Google searching, again no luck.  About that point I think I was done with Genealogy for the day.

I went back and started to look at the website and tried to do some more updates, edits, and got pretty much no were with that either.  I know what I want to do, but dont understand just how to do it at this time, more reading I guess.

I was planning on scanning the photo album from the 52nd Photo Recon, but I left it at home, so I will have to try and get it later this week, so I can use the scanner at work (its faster).  Then I can start posting some more.  I thought about Madness Monday, but I don't know really anyone mad in the family just yet I am sure there are a bunch of them.  I did take the time and prepped for tomorrow theme.  Something about Mondays, most of the time they are not that fun.  

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