Henry Jorgensen (I need some help)

So my grandmother's birthday is coming up soon, at the end of this month, and I want to do a few things for her (already talked about the digital picture frame).  Next is I want to see if I can research someone she met while traveling across the ocean.  Lets set the scene here:

1944 (England)

My grandmother, and great grandmother are heading to the United States from England.  The are on board the MS Erria.  The ship was supposed to enter into New York but was diverted to Halifax, Canada (Pier 21).  During this trip she met a waiter (steward) named Henry Jorgensen.  

Info about Henry:
Born: 1920 (rough as stated in 1944 he told my gram that he was 24)
Location: Denmark (Copenhagen)
Hair: Blond
Eye: Blue
Occupation: Steward onboard MS Erria

He had family (uncle) in NY/NJ gram was unsure because at the time she was unaware of any locations in the US.   After the ship ride, when Henry was back in the US (NY) prior he would send a telegram to my gram parents giving the heads up.   They lost touch eventually.  I would like to see if I could find any information about Henry.

1.  Is he still alive (he would be about 87.)
2.  Is he married
3.  Were does he live
4.  Does he remember her (that would be pretty hard to get)

Well if anyone has any idea's of were to get started on this one please let me know.

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