Sorry for lack of updates


Today I am writing from email while I am in the ocean.  I want to apologize for the lack of updates for the past few days.   I have been at work, if you don’t know I am in the military.  I have been doing this for 12 years almost now, only another 8 and I can call it quits.  I have not had the chance to update anything since I last posted, nothing new for my family either, except the information from my family that went on a field trip to Scranton, PA. 

I think I will compile a new list for the next chance they get to travel, I may end up with hundreds of papers, and maybe only one will be good, but that one paper could open up so many more leads.  Like I currently have right now.  Peter Toomey from Iowa, that’s about all I know about him, and it was in the 1900-1910 time period based off the Will of James Toomey.  Lawrence also had a few other brothers and sister's mostly from Scranton that I will be able to locate eventually.

Well I will be making post's from email so I hope that it will come out write, to everyone else keep writing.

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