Week in Review


I know its Wednesday, but I wanted to post a week in review early.  I am making plans for when I do have real internet access for my family tree.  The research that I am going to hit is going to be the Toomey Line.  I posted earlier about everything that was discovered.  With the little bit of information that I do have, I hope that I will be able to make a few more connections, it's hard not having internet.

Peter Toomey - Iowa
Ann Toomey Dodson - Scranton
James Toomey - Scranton
Michael Toomey - Scranton.
Jennie Toomey Corey - Scranton.

After this I will have go back to the PAGENWEB and see if any more wills or marriage certificates have been indexed.  I wish that I downloaded the Scranton 1900 images off ancestry to finish up my Scranton Street Index, well maybe I can get my brother to do that for me, should not be to hard to explain.

Any suggestions on were to research, I will be using Ancestry, GenealogyBank, NewspaperArchives, and then narrow down depending on what is initially found.

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