Pulling data from Slovak records at FamilySearch.org

I have been a t a standstill on my Slovak lines until a few months ago when FamilySearch posted images from Slovak Church records.  Up until then it was only hit or miss in the information that I was getting for my Slovak Ancestry.  I have always been hoping to find someone else searching these lines online but to this day I have been unable to find anyone else. 

I started the basic search through about a 1,000 images with the KONDRC surname, finding any image that had it on there and wrote it in an excel sheet.  This provided me with some good intel on where to break out from there.  Based off this information and some previous gathered info from SS5 forms, I know that the family names that I am related to are:  KONDRC, BENADIK, MIKUFS, VOJTECH, SIPKOUSKY, ONDRIFS, HUDEK, VIDOVIC, SUJTOVSKY, KADLEC, KORICINA, BOKOR, VISZKOCKS, 

Now some of these names are just cousins of my primary lines but I will list them all here in hopes that they might lead people to me.  I know also that there is a big possibility that they are misspelled badly.  I tried my best to read them off the image files and guess on some of the letters to what it should be.  

As of right now out of the names about the ones in my direct lines are: KONDRC, KADLEC, KORICINA, VIDOVIC, SUJTOVSKY, BENADIK.  In the next post  I will be listing all connections in about 3 image sets for FamilySearch.  

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