Uploading GEDCOMS for Hints

I was reading over at Genea-Musings about FindMyPast and how they have hints, and also on FamilySearch where they also have hints.  Both sites which I have accounts for but was unsure I ever uploaded a GEDCOM.

The first site I went to was FindMyPast, which my account still works, but there was no GEDCOM ever uploaded.
Step 1, create a new GEDCOM,
Step 2.  Upload said GEDCOM.

That was pretty quick.  Now I waited to see what hints might pop up.  After about a 1/2 hour I had 14 hints that were available.  Then I realized I needed a subscription to verify said hints.  Currently none of the hints were of any real importance as they were for some of the off-shoots of my family tree.

Next I went to FamilySearch, which I thought only member of the LDS could upload GEDCOMs so I never looked into it.  I logged into the account and all I could find was to create a tree from scratch until I did a Google Search for 'Upload GEDCOM FamilySearch".  I am sure there were directions somewhere but it was quicker to do the Google Search.

So back to Step 1, and then Step 2.

Now I am sitting at the screen with 600 potential matches, 676 need to be added to the tree and 1000 invalid and living.  This might take longer then I expected to go through.  Should be a fun project probably over the course of a month or so.

I do like that I  have the possibility of more ways to get hints, but now I have to remember if I update in one place I have to update in another place also.

I currently have a trees at:


And I would bet that Ancestry.com is the most accurate, followed by FamilySearch and FindMyPast.  I have not even logged into Geni in probably 6 months, same with MyHeritage.

Wish there was an easier way to sync all these online accounts to have the same information.
If there is such software please let me know.

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