Family Search: Updated Collections for 2014

Now I know it has only been a few days in to 2014, but I wanted to see what has been published this year for

Title                                                                                      Records                      Last Updated
BillionGraves Index                                                               5,591,855                  *03 Jan 2014
Idaho, County Marriages, 1864-1950                                   148,053                     *03 Jan 2014
Michigan, Eastern District, Naturalization Index, 1907-1995                                    *03 Jan 2014
Russia, Tatarstan Church Books, 1721-1939                                                          *03 Jan 2014
United States Census, 1860                                                  5,302,012                  *03 Jan 2014
West Virginia Marriages, 1780-1970                                    338,410                     *03 Jan 2014
England and Wales, Death Index 1800-1920                        40,618,506                *02 Jan 2014
England and Wales, Marriage Index, 1800-1920                  35,117,915                *01 Jan 2014

2013 posted 770 new and or updated collections from January till December.  I could probably go back another full year, or maybe even pull up an old post of mine or another genealogist and see what 2012 provided us.

Depending on who you ask 770 might not seem like that big of a number, but if you take into account all the pages for each collection you are probably up in the billions of pages that were made available online.  Granted maybe not all the images have been indexed to date, but at least they are online and that is a start.  

Maybe next I will see what has published in the last year.

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