Looking over 23andMe again.

It has been a long time since I have looked at my results over at 23andMe.  I got it a few year back on DNA day because of the discount.  I also got my mom and dad to get their's done.   After that not much was actually done.

I went on the site a few times after the initial time, made some requests but never really got anywhere out of it.  The health view was pretty interesting but never shared it outside of 23andMe.  I took the Raw Data and put it on GEDMATCH to see if I could get better results from there.

So far I have yet to make any meaningful connections on 23andMe in relation to my family.  But I have noticed that they have made some updates since the last time I was there.

The family tree portion is now connected with your Relative Finder so you can narrow down your search via maternal/paternal or both. If you have more family members you can also connect them in your tree to their 23andMe profile.

Another nice thing I noticed was that they have an Ancestry Overview which gives info just like the title of the page.  A brief overview of the pieces of your Ancestry.  You can see your Maternal and Paternal Haplogroups.  Your % Neanderthal, Famous Relatives, Counties of Origin, and also mine shows that I am also part Ashkenazi Jewish.  This I already knew from earlier looks at 23andMe, and pretty much pieced it together with just general family stories.

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