DNA Day 2015

This Friday is DNA day once again, and it brings me back to the question of what have I benefited from my DNA.  It has been a few years since I purchased a DNA kit from 23andMe, and for the most part it just confirmed what I already knew about my family lines.

With DNA day also comes some nice discounts for some of the kits, I have searched a little and have only seen FamilyTreeDNA offer about 20$ off most of their kits, AncestryDNA does not show any discounts as of yet.  And I don't know any other testing places anymore.

Maybe I was expecting some grand revelation with using DNA, but every match I have seen on 23andMe has been at least 4 generations back and we have yet to make a confirmed match.  I have also used GEDMATCH, which is interesting but once again its 3.5 generations and still no matches to be found. I have also used my 23andMe kits on FamilyTreeDNA, but this was recent so still on the fence about this also.

If anyone has any thoughts or opinions or even pointers on how to use my 23andMe data to get more details about my family let me know.

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