Updated: 23andMe Mobile App

Everyone is into Genetic Genealogy these days even me.  I have an account with 23andMe that I check occasionally (that's another story).  But I wanted to review the new mobile app for 23andMe.

The app is for iOS and Android, and I just installed it on Android (Galaxy SIII) running stock Ice Cream Sandwich.  Unfortunately I cannot get it to log in.  I have verified the login and password of the site on my main computer so I know the username and password are correct.

Currently I get a
"Login attempt unsuccessful, please try again. (java.net.ConnectException).

As I said before I am running Android on a SGS III.  I went over to the App website to see if there is anyone else having that issues and yes it seems everyone is having that issue currently.  So I guess that we will be waiting for an update to try out the App.

Sorry folks, maybe next time.  If anyone does get it up and running on Android please let me know.  I have sent a email to 23andMe to let them know that the APP does not work for Android.

Update:  So 23andMe responded to my email about the issue, and of course its a known issue.  It is occurring with iOS and Android so it should be fixed soon.  Just loading it up now, and I am in....will post review next.

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