App Review: 23andMe

23andMe have fixed the login issue's with their new app and I am in it right now.  As a reminder this is the Android app, not sure how the iOS app is.

I want to show everyone the layout of the app, so read on folks.

Under the Me tab it have badges and points.  You get points for doing questions on the Question Tab.  I guess you can use the points to brag about how many questions you have completed, and you also get badges here,  I have one badge now Mobile Researcher.

Questions Tab looks like basic surveys, there is no back buttons in the app so you have to back out (at least with the SGS III) with the back button on the phone.  I answered about 5 of the questions, and you can request new questions.

Results Tab shows your results broken down by New&Updated, Disease Risk, Carrier Status, Traits, and Drug Response. - Shows what's on the main site just made for mobile viewing.

Discoveries Tab is just current news in genetics.

Settings Tab - You guessed it settings (Name)

So not very helpful for genealogy folks at this time.  Maybe the will add the Relative Finder, Ancestry Painting, I would even settle for showing you Haplogroups 

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