Results from 23andme now what?

A few weeks ago I received the results from 23andMe and have been waiting for my parents results to roll in.  About 3 days ago my dads results posted, while  I am still waiting for my mother to send her's in.

Two out of three is not bad right?  Well now what do we do?  I sent out multiple requests to share genome based off of Relative Finder on 23andMe.  But from what I am reading you should not expect to many folks to respond to those requests.  At this time I believe I have sent out about 20 requests, and received about 3 requests in return.  Currently I share my genome with about 5 people which equals about 20 profiles.

I also took over monitoring my father's account and he seems to have gotten more requests up front than I have but that might die down as he genome is not new to the system anymore in a few days.  My dad shares his profile with about 6 people which gives him about 8 profiles that he has shared his genome with.

This is great and all but what does it all mean?  I see we have DNA in connection with a bunch of people but beyond the RF telling me I am a distant/5th/6th cousin how do go from there.  I sort of figured out at least how to tell which side of the family they are connected based off mine and my dads (will be easier if my mother ever gets her's done).

But for example this is what I currently show when doing a comparison between profiles.
(I off course took out the names of the match's but you can kind of see what I am getting at here).  I don't know how to use this information for anything useful at this point.


Person 1 @ 7mb on segment 7
Person 2 @ 11mb on segment 4,9
Person 3/4 @ 4mb on segment 9
Person 5 @ 19mb on 5,15,20, and complete 5mb match on X.
person 6 @ 11mb on 7 (same as person 1)
person 7 @ 4mb on 20 (match same spot as #5)
person 8 2 11mb on 7

I can get in more details if needed but not sure where to go from here.
For my dad

Person 1 (is the same as my person 1) 7mb at 7
Person 2 (Person 6 on mine) 7mb on 7
Person 6 (Person 8 on mine) 10mb (1 less mb then me) on 7

If anyone has any idea's or places to start reading up on let me know.  If anyone can help me that would also be great.  If you need to see my Haplogroups that was about 2 posts ago.   I will post the family Haplogroups in another post once my mother has completed hers.

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