New research project: Von Frankenstein

As previously mentioned over the weekend I helped two of my friends with some basic genealogy, and I will be continuing to help them now that we have a base lineage setup for each of them.  Some of it was gathered from relatives and a few things we where able to find out through some quick searches.

The first surname that I want to talk about is the of Mary Shelly fame, Frankenstein.  To be fair his mothers maiden name was Von Frankenstein, but I would guess it would be the same in the end.  There is alot of history and lore with this name and I will try and help him sort it out as best we can.

As of right now we only know a few things about the family, but I do know that there are others out there searching for the surname.  The Von Frankensteins lived in Wisonsin, coming from Germany.  I currently dont have much for dates but I know Fredrich Von Frankenstein married a Bertha Frick and they had about 4 children.  One of them was Tusnelda Von Frankenstein, and thats branch of my friends line.

Now that I am trying to work on three differant tree's it should get interesting, and keep me busy.  As I find new information I will ry and make it a habit of posting on here.  Later I will post about the other family that I am researching  once I have asked my friend if he minds.

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