A break from my family lines

I have taken a much needed break from researching my lines as of late.  I seem to have hit one to many brick walls that are probably not going to be knocked down by the internet.  I believe that I may only be able to knock them down by getting into the real documents and visiting the locations of my ancestors both of which are not practical at the time.

I live in on the West Coast and I am in the military which does not really allow me the time to travel around in search of my genealogy roots. As I have become stuck in my research you have noticed I took on a side project or two in hopes to help out a few friends in researching their lines.

I do love the initial fun of making those first connections and learning about the history of a family and the towns they grew up in.  In two of the projects were are also currently stuck, but we are also waiting on information from relatives that may provide insights to go further on their tree's only time will tell.  When they started the only knew the basics, mom, dad, grandpa, grandma.

Now just a few weeks later we can go back on some lines to great great great grandparents with fairly good certainty.    Majority is based on census information, and marriages records found online, with a few newspaper documents to fill in.  Next we will be hitting the death certificates and more marriage records to push back their brick walls.  I hope that theirs will be an easier wall to topple then mine have been of late.  One possible good thing is that their brick walls only occur about 90 years ago, whereas mine are about 200-250 years ago.

Off to do a little more research before I head to bed.  In hopes of finding more connections we have decided to research the brothers and sisters of my friends main lines in hopes that someone has done research or might have some documents hidden away.

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