How can you find a life insurance policy from 1916?

All we know right now is that the person had a life insurance policy based on the obituary found in the newspaper for 1916.  He is listed as a peddler so I am not sure that thier would be a will for this person either, but we are trying to narrow down our searches and this might be a starting point.

Charles passed away in 1916 in the Catskills, NY area.  Most likely near Margaretville.  In the obituary it lists a sister that is impossible to find (as of right now of course).  And even in the obituary they state they are having a hard time find her.

As the last line states Charles had a big life insurance policy, if he is the correct Charles we know the children but not the life insurance company.  Is there a way to find this out?

If you need more info please let me know.

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