A new project

Once again I have been away from making any posting in the past week or so.  I have been helping a friend research his family lines and we are currently stuck in the Catskill area in our research.  We have a few viable candidates on who the person was just hard connecting the dots.

We are only doing research via the internet as we both live over on the west coast.  We have made several attempts to contact relatives but this person is 2-3 generations back and looks like they might have only been married for 3 years.  We have traced the mother from the marriage to back home living with her parents, but the father really does not show up anywhere.

I have also looked at the 1905 census, but that is not leading anywhere.  One thing we have is that he was from Poughkeepsie, NY  and he had a sister (if this is the right person of course) named Almira O'dell (married name).

The person we are looking for is Charles B Olmstead who married Margaret Place in 1904 in MargaretVille. If anyone has anymore leads in helping us find Charles parents let us know.  We currently do have an age for Charles but its believed to be 1875 or there around.

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