Looking for Bradley's in Rockland, NJ (Ramapo)

I am currently searching for the father of Joseph A. Bradley of Ramapo, NJ.  I was able to find Joseph and his wife Bridget in the census for 1870, actually living in Washington Township (Bergen County) at the time.  Joseph was born in 1836 roughly and his middle name is abbreviated as  Abrm (so I am guessing Abraham) on a civil war index I just found tonight.

In 1870 his mother is living with him (Sarah Marie).  It states that she is from Rhode Island but I have not leads on maiden names at this time.  Once again most of my main research is done online because I don't live close to these places.  The father's name is never listed but it states he is either from Portugal or Massachusetts depending on the census year.

Joseph and Bridget had a few children the line I am interested in currently is for Joseph H. Bradley born 1871.  But I know that even finding the other siblings in the end will help to go back further on the tree.

I have not done any research in New Jersey so I wanted to see if anyone has any idea of places to start hunting for index's or documents.  I have full access to Ancestry.com and Footnote, but I think I have tapped them out in these searches.

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