Working on my friends tree

I have taken a little break from my research to help my friend start building his tree and we are doing really well so far making some good connections thanks to  Between him talking to his family member to get some missing pieces, and looking through census records we have been able to get a pretty detailed start for his tree.

We still need to update all the sources that we have found, and start sending out for other official documents, but it feels good to make connection in his tree and help him.  I seem to have lost that as I have been hitting many brick walls in my research for tree and I think I just need/needed to step away for a little bit and then re approach the tree with fresh eyes.

On his tree we have hit a few hiccups as we have the documents but some of the information is still hazy in filling in the pieces.  I have made a few inquires on message boards, and hope to hear from others soon who may be researching the same lines.  Currently for his tree we are researching the SURNAMES: Olmstead, Terpak/Tirpak, Place, Bradley, Carroll, Wickham, Mattice, Hoff, Finch, Criscione.

Locations:  NY (Delaware County) and close surrounding areas and possibly NJ

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