Find A Grave to the rescue again

Around summer time I made some photo requests on Find-A-Grave and got a response in about one week.  The member said the name was not in the cemetery, so I was a little bummed out about that.  Then winter hit and I did not think much about it till the other day when I received and email about a photo request.

Looking at the photo request the member stated once again that they searched the entire cemetery for "STATION" but did not find it.  I was looking for John A. Station at the time, so that was the only name that they had to go on.  They did have his birth and death  year to work with also.

He sent me an email with 4 photo's attached with the surname "STASCIN."  The pronunciation of that is the same as "STATION", but since I was not at home when I received the email it was hard to confirm the dates for all the tombstones.  He had a Anna, John A., Anna, and a Michael.  At the time I was pretty positive that he did provide a good match, since I knew that there was a Michael in the bunch.

I had to head to DMV that day so I pulled out my cellphone and pulled up Geni to see if I would be able to confirm the connection. Since I had about an hour to kill at DMV (and that was on a good day), I was able to pull up the information I had on my "STATIONS" and make a positive id compared to the tombstones.  

Now I have four new tombstones in my family tree as I go in search of more, and place more requests on Find-A-Grave.  

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