A Day at Carlsbad Library

I headed over to the Carlsbad City Library today to access NewspapersArchive.com.  I guess sometime since I got my library card at the library they took away the home access to the website.  Being that it was a slow day I headed over there for some research and some lunch in the Carlsbad sun.

Before going to the library I headed towards the beach and had some fish taco's on the beach at I believe the name was Harbor Fish.   They were some good taco's, now that I was fed I headed over to the library to start some research.

Since I have full access to Ancestry.com and Footnote.com through the Navy I wanted to access to NewspapersArchive.com.  I was there for only about an hour and really did not find any new information.  Unfortunately for the area's that I am researching there has not been much progress in digitizing the newspapers (Ford City, Charleroi, Scranton, Dunmore).  It was still a good day though.  I do wish that there was a way to use a library card and access the NewspaperArchive.com website from my house, or maybe GenealogyBank, I wonder if they offer a library type service.  Maybe at the FHC.

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