Google's initiative to bring newspapers online

I am not sure when they started this project or how far they are behind the competitors like or, but today they announced that they are launching an initiative to make more old newspapers accessible and searchable online.
This is great news for genealogy as another player steps up to the plate. One thing I did notice is that it may lead you to the correct Newspaper, it doesn't always mean its free. Now this may be just a select few newspapers, but I would like to know this before I waste any time.
Today I tried the search "KONDRC", and it produced one result and obituary. I dont have this obituary, but its through the New York Post which calls for 3.95, which in itself is not a crazy fee, but I was not expecting to pay for this service being that is through Google.
As a side not the the Obituary was for Alice Perutz from 1955. I still have not gotten it, maybe another day.
Google's Article

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