Website Updates

Hope everyone is having a great Labor Day weekend, I will be getting back to work here shortly after about two weeks off. I am transferring to a new command next week so it should be interesting. But I wanted to let everyone know what has been going on over here.

I have created surname pages for the DECKERS, JACKSONS, and working on the TOOMEY, PERUTZ, and MACZEK, and KONDRC. These seem to be my main surnames in my tree's. What I will be trying to do on the pages is connect the names to sites like GENI, DYNASTREE, FACEBOOK, or FOOTNOTE. Right now I know I can connect to one so I have to choose, currently the DECKERS goto GENI. But you cant use the contact in GENI or DYNASTREE unless the person is alive. I will let see what I can try.

Also I have updated the Daily Themes, right now it goes to one for Saturday Night Genealogy Fun, but it will have the rest once I add more sites to my google reader, and then create the widgets. I liked how Geneabloggers used the widget that I wanted to do it on my site.

Another addition to the website is the related posts widget which is available when you click on any post and go to the posts full page, it still needs some css to clean it up, but it works.

Lastly I changed the twitter to show posts for #genealogy. Thats about it right now.

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