Footnote Pages Announced

Is this what Footnote has been hinting at for the past week or so? I have seen so many blog posts about something new coming up. Today I received an email about FootNote Pages.
Today the released 80 million Footnote Pages. I decided to go for an easy name to find "KONDRC". It resulted in to search results. Anna and Frank Kondrc, (Mother, and Son).
After opening the pages, I was really happy with what they are trying here. It provides a places for pictures, a timeline as I can tell based on the SSDI (It could possibly be connected with more things depending if you can connect them together). It also shows a map of were the person died.
I think the Footnote pages are currently directly connected to the SSDI.

It looks like a Profile page on one of the other genealogy pages, but much much richer information.

After looking at it some more I will provide an update to this post.

Genea-Musings: Footnote just got a lot more interesting

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