Quebec research

My wife's family is from Montreal, Quebec. I am trying to do her side of the family tree so my children know thier family, but its kind of hard to get into.
First I don't really know any websites that are for Canadian Genealogy, and then for Quebec mostly. On top of that, I have found one or two but they are in french, and well my wife is fluent, I am not.
My current tree for my wife is shaky at best, as it seems a little differant for naming conventions, this could be just cause I dont understand it, or maybe there is a issue. There is also the issue that the family doesnt remember that far back with names and dates.
Because we live so far away, I prefer to do as much of my research on the internet. Does anyone know of a website that provides newspaper articles for Quebec? What about Census? I can then work from there, I know there is, but I believe that will be very expensive. Any other idea's?
Does the FHC in San Diego, would that have any Canadian information? Or the Carlsbad Library?

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