Slovak Films: Another Discovery

After my initial find of my Anna Benyak birth in Slovakia, and some of her other family members.  I decided to pick a new name from the tree and see what I could dig up.  The name that a choose was Pavol/Paulus Vidovic which is connected to my Kondrc line of Slovakia.

At the start of it I knew he was born in Brestovany, or at least had a strong feeling.  Besides that I knew that he was born before 1844 (first recorded child), and died after 1859 (last known recorded child).  Really not to much to go on.

First thing I did was a generic search in for Paulus Vidovic, Slovak Collection.  This brought up about 500 names, to narrow it down, I choose birth between 1810-1825.  I figured that this would give the best chances of finding mine.

There was a bunch listed, but I sifted through it all looking only for Brestovany births, which lead to four possible connection.  At this point I am still hoping that he was born in Brestovany, and not another small town near it.

Here is my "possibles" with information I gathered at the time.

DOBMother FatherDeath
5/31/1815Anna BalassMichael
4/1/1817Helena JankovitsStephanus V
7/5/1813Anna MiklossovitsMartinus10Sep1831
1/4/1818Doroth DobissJoanesDied 1849

Finding the date of death for my possibles was a little bigger issue.  It looks like they have not been indexed so I had to once again sift through about 500 images from 1852-1907.  During this process I created an spreadsheet and jotted down any surnames that were mine, or close in spelling to mine for deaths.

The spreadsheet includes Name, Date of Birth, Date of Death, Page Number, Collection, and comments section.  This way I can go back and double check on someone who might be more then just a possibility in being connected to me.   In the last two days I have collected about 250 folks which will be categorized later.

Back to Paulus, by 1872 I had narrowed it down to two possibilities.  And I was starting to get worried because they were getting up in age and was just hoping that they were in the images.  I first found his wife in 1891 which provided me with her birth date also of 1923 putting her at 68 years old. 

Almost at the last pages of the index for 1900 I found Paulus Vidovics listed with his birth date of 1 April 1817.  So not only was I able to get his birth date, date of death, location of death, and cause of death.  But I was able to figure out which one of the four was his parents.  Stephanus V Vidovics and Helena Jankovits. 

I guess its time to pick a new name and see where that takes me.

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