PA Death Records 1906-1924 Brick Walls Smashed.

I am not entirely sure where I read about the PA Death Records from 1906-1924 being available on, but it only happened a few days ago.  The first time I saw the info about the records I really did not pay it to much attention.

After thinking about it I have a ton of family members in PA from both sides of my family, and there maybe a possibility of finding a new connection based off the Death Records.  Due to my main computer dying a few weeks ago I have not fully setup my new system with my family tree software, so I was using tree which was updated right before my computer died.

I found all my Decker's, Toomey's. Gerrity's, Jackson's, and Price's that had passed between 1906 and 1924, and started my search.  I figured the most I would find was just info to back up my current documents.  But after doing a search for Jane Price Decker, who I do not have any parents listed, I hit a possible match.

It was a Thos Price which I am guessing is Thomas, and a Mary Rouge both from Wales.  This was the correct person, as my Jane Price Decker died from a Lightning strike, and that was the cause of death on the death certificate.  So after about 10 years I was able to take it one step back again.

Now I know that I could have probably ordered the death certificate locally, or gone somewhere when I traveled to visit my family, but the ease of being able to download it at home was nice.  

The next brick wall was for a Anna (Anastasia) Toomey.  She would be one of my paternal great great grandmothers, and well that is all I knew about her up until yesterday.  She was another one that I have been searching for years and years to find some sort of connection.  So yesterday I was able to verify a match I found in the death certificates and now I at least know her dad's name Peter Cullen and that he came from Ireland.

Now I just wish that the available records were for a longer period of time, guess I could wait or I could find out how to order them online and have them mailed here.

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