Brick Wall: Jane Price Decker

I am trying to get past another brick wall of mine, this time its Jane Price Decker who was my second great grandmother.

Basic Information know so far:
Birth:  May 6, 1844 Wales
Immigration:  According to census 1851
Marriage:  1864 in Dunmore/Moosic PA  (Andrew Decker)
Death:  June 6, 1907 by lightning strike.

I believe I found another census record for 1860 which shows a Jane Price born in 1844 and it also lists a Daniel Price age 19.  Going with this I would have to believe that they are related.   I found a tombstone for a Daniel Price born 1842 died 1910 in Washburn Cemetery in Hyde Park PA.  I believe he is the same.

His wife would be Mary Wilkes (wonder if thats any connection to the Mr. Wilkes of Wilkes-Barre), but thats another time for that one.  

I dont know exactly when they arrived in the country, dont know where besides Wales, and I dont know thier parents.   If anyone has any ideas on how to get anymore information please leave a note.

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