Brazil Civil Records Day 3

I am  now 1 more day in it, and about 2000 images deep with nothing to show for it just yet.  I was able to move from my initial searching of the 1970's to 1990ish.  From talking with a family member I was able to get a rough estimate of the death date for both of the people I am searching for.

The first one the believe passed around 1990.  I have searched so far from Oct 89 - Mar 91 with no luck.  I will now move back wards from 89, and continue upwards from 91 to see if I can find a match.

The second one passed around 2002 they think, once again I will start with everything in the 2002 range and then go back and forth 1 year at a time in hopes of finding a match.

Hopefully they will be able to get a more accurate timeline, but right now this is better then what I started with, now I am just hoping that they actually passed away where they said they did or I am looking in the wrong place all together.

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