What I Do

* Hardware:  AMD Quad Core Phenom Black Edition Proccessor, 8GB Ram, 500GB Sata Hard Drive, Windows 7

* Routers: E2000 for the house, WRT54GS for the car.
* External storage:  160GB External WD, 60 Ext GB WD, 8GB ThumbDrive, 4GB ThumbDrive
* Online storage:  DropBox, and ZumoDrive (Both free version), Picasa, MyHeritage
* Backup: So I use Always Sync to backup to the External and the Thumbdrive nightly, also I have the clients for both Dropbox and ZumoDrive installed.  Basically My G:\Genealogy is backed up to 4 places.  Currently it is only sitting at about 1.8GB so I am well in the realms of the free space both online storages allow.
* Firewall:  I use my router as my firewall.  WRT54GS running DD-WRT firmware.
* Virus protection:  AVG
* Spyware: None
* File cleaner:  None
* Printer: Canon MP500
* Phone: Iphone and Vonage
* Mobile media: Iphone

* Camera:  Canon Digital Rebel, Canon S700, Iphone
* Music player: Iphone
* eBook Reader: Iphone
* Browser: Chrome, Firefox (for certain items)
* Blog: Blogger
* RSS: Reader
* Graphics: Photoshop
* Screen capture: SnagIT
* Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin
* Social bookmarking: None 
* Office suite: Office 2007
* E-mail: Gmail
* Genealogy database:  Family Tree Builder, Geni, MyHeritage

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