I might have found my Isaac Decker

A few month back I received a book from a relative of my "Decker" line.  In this book there was a mention that Andrew Decker's father was Isaac Decker based off some research.  I know that in the census's that I have found there was an Andrew Schrace living with this family.

According to the book Andrew's mother was most likely Anna Race, and that his father was an Isaac Decker. I have never found anymore information to substantiate this information until today.  As far as I have know Andrew Decker married a Hannah Teal, and he was born around 1802 based off Census records.

But tonight I did a search on Google for Anna Rase, on one search page this is what I have found.

1806 __ __ andrew, born 11 sep 1804, of isac DECKER & ana RASE; wit. andrew RASE [only]

After reading the book I also noticed that Andrew had a brother named John.  Need to start research him next, he was born also in West Copake, Columbia Co. N.Y.

I also found a whole lot of information at http://deckerjourney.com

They list possible connections in the book to go even further back the Isaac I just wish I could have more definitive proof.  The letter from the Genealogist gives a good bit of information on the back ground of the Decker's also.  I might have to try and contact him as I see he lives in the same city as me.

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