Tombstone Tuesday - Ralph Decker


Ralph Winfield Decker was born July 3, 1908 in Dunmore, PA to David and Maud Decker.  I know that he spent some time in Germany before WWII at a University I believe.  From the stories I have heard he lived on the same street as Adolf Hitler for some time.  One of my relatives have said there was a letter telling them to leave the country around the time of the war, but we have not seen it.

In 1932 he married Elvira Krotzer in Dunmore, PA.  They moved to Winfield, Kansas (which I guess is ironic that his middle name is the same).

Ralph passed away  Dec 23, 1996 in Winfield, Kansas.  He is buried in Dunmore/Moosic area, but I don't remember the exact cemetery.

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