Operation War Diary

A new site I found today that relates to us in the genealogy world is Operation War Diary.  The objective of the site is to transcribe about 1.5 million pages of the British Army during World War I.  These are the personal war stories told from the front lines with a soldiers point of view.  

Zooniverse in partnership with the UK National Archives, and the Imperial War Museum have put up a community site for making a searchable index of the diaries.

You will need an account on Zooniverse, and do a brief tutorial before starting the transcription.  After a quick look if you have done FamilySearch Indexing or Ancestry.com indexing it should not be that hard to pick it right up.  

Currently I do not have any known family members that were in the British Army at any time, but just the stories and history that will be uncovered is more then rewarding, and I will be signing up for an account and seeing how much I can do to help this effort.

If you want to check it out, go here, and I first read about this from Popular Science

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