Updates to my index's

I have spent the past few days back and forth and the local FHC and have updated my BMD (focus on KONDRC) surname for Bucany, and Brestovany.  Right now this index has BMD from 1799-1895. I have been looking at three films for this one.  I still need to go back and look at the first film which is from about 1775-1800 to find some of the missing pieces.  I wish that they had 1895-1915 available somewhere, I will have to keep looking for this information as I believe that will actually be the most beneficial part of the BMD to connect a few families together.  Only time will tell when that will be available.  Might have to contact Bucany directly for that info.

The second index is the index for the microfilm: 2236117

This film is for the   Bučany , Slovakia area  but I have been slowly indexing the film page by page.  So when it comes online I will be able to find names, ect.  Right now I am up to page 18 which is roughly 1838-1840, I have a lot more pages to go through to finish this up.  Not sure that I will be able to finish it up anytime soon.  

Once again if anyone has any family in  Bučany, Slovakia that they would like for me to keep an eye out for while searching my families please leave a comment and I will do my best.  The films are available at the main San Diego FHC till about 12 January 2012 ( I have them on a 90 day loan).

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