Slovak Records available at FamilySearch

I took a little hiatus from researching my family, but recently I decided to check out FamilySearch to see if there was any new records available that might be helpful in my research.   Majority of my research is focused on the Czechoslovakia, Germany, and Austria.

I understand that it was all part of the Austria-Hungary empire and that Czechoslovakia is not a country and more and that it has split in two.  But for simplicity those are the main areas of research for my family.  Back to point here I noticed that they now have Slovakia images available on FamilySearch

Slovak Church Books  these were updated 31 March.

While they are only images and its a little cumbersome to get through each page I am sure that I will be able to find some new connections to my family.  I will be focusing on Trnava  (Brestovany) in my research for KONDRC, VIDOVIC, BENADIC, and KORICINA.

I have already found death dates for two people in the tree and validating some of the other people in the tree. I guess I might have picked a good time to start back in research.

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