Working through the Slovak records

I have been scanning through the Slovak records this weekend going image by image in hopes of finding anything that I could connect to my family.  So far I have been able to do to find one marriage date for Stephen Koricina and Maria Kadlec in 1842.

Next I was able to find a birth date for Maria Koricina in 1857, additionally it listed her date of death on the baptism for as 1 December 1912.  The last piece of information that I was able to find was a possible brother to Anna Vidovic.   Anna Vidovic and Maria Koricina were the wives of Michael Kondrc.

That is where my line is from Stephen Kondrc who was the son of Michael Kondrc who moved to America and married Anna Benjak (also from Slovakia).  

Hopefully I will be able to get a few more names and dates to go with the surnames from that area.

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