DNA Day started early

Did anyone else jump on the discount over at 23andme yesterday.  They were offering the DNA kit for just the cost of $9 a month for 1 year vice the normal price of $199 plus the $9 a month for a year which would equal $307.  I just dropped by the website today and it looks like the price has moved up to $99 plus the   $9 per month for the year which would equal $.207.

So once again if you were able to get it yesterday it would have cost $108
Today will cost you $207 (99$ up front, 9 every month)

Not a bad deal.
I think in my family we were able to get a few so we can try and get a good range of the family dna.  Can't wait for the package to arrive and then be able to send it off for testing.  Ill have to keep everyone updated on the process.

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