Possible new SURNAMES connected to my family.

As I have been searching back through the Brestovany image files I am finding some new surnames that I might be possibly connected to.  I figured the best way to see if anyone else has these surnames is to make a post about it and see where that takes it.


I think these are the correct spellings (well as best as I can read from them).  And once again not sure how they are all connected at the moment.  My BMD index has been revised and uploaded again (previous post).    It has a list of births/deaths/marriages for the most probable connections to my families.  I have to sift through it to connect things as there is most likely overlapping between the pages.

I also added some of the causes for death or at least my best translation as some of them were hard to understand.  Difensteria, Nervosa, Cholera, Typhus.  It was astonishing to see how many people died due to Cholera and Typhus in the 1830's.  Its something that I have not given thought to prior to starting looking through the records.   I know my line of KONDRC they had 20 children with only about 3 or 4 surviving past the age of 5, but it was never recorded on why they died.

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