Ordered Slovak films from FHC

Yesterday I made my way down to the local FHC to see if they had anything local for Slovakia.   It turns out they have a lot of information for Slovakia, but of course not the area that my families originated from.  I know that I can go to FamilySearch for the Brestovany portion of my family, but listed in those images it states that some of them came from Bucany.

I have never ordered Microfilms from the FHC so after a little self research I set off to see what was available  for Bucany region of Slovakia.  It turns out there are a few birth, marriage, and death records, so I ordered 3 out of the 4 films for the short-term lease.  They will be available at the main FHC in San Diego (at least that is what I think it is).  

Below are the films that I ordered.  I am guessing that anyone will be able to use them while they are there?  I am not sure but either way I want to let folks know that they will be available in San Diego shortly.  I hear it takes about 10 days for them to arrive on location.

Krsty 1754-1800 (str. 1-136) -- Manželstvá 1755-1760, 1788-1794, 1766-1800 (str. 137-189) -- Úmrtia 1766-1800 (str. 213-279) -- Konvertiti 1780-1795, 1914 (str. 288-290)  film: 2236116

Úmrtia 1837-1852 (str. 502-596) -- Manželstvá 1800-1852 (str. 607-701) -- Birmovaní 1863 (str. 702-716) -- Konvertiti 1810-1850 (str. 718-do konca)  film: 2236117

Inv. č. 413 Krsty 1862-1873  film:1224827 

I hope that these will bring me some new names and maybe connect some dots in the family that we currently have.  My current excel document that I posted earlier is getting quite big with anybody with the same SURNAME.  Should be interesting weeding through these names.

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