Another day another image set

I think I am on my 3rd day of looking through the Slovak image set for Brestovany.  I should just create a full index for it based off the images with what I am doing cause I will probably need to go back to it someday to find that missing relative.

I will have to update the below post tonight with the new additions that I have found while looking through them.  I wish that Bucany was available and that Brestovany went past 1909 (say to 1912) would be nice.  I know of one relative that was born in 1911 and would be nice to match up names of her parents to figure out exactly were we all fit together.

As of tonight I do not have any new SURNAMES to post about but the night is still young and you never know what  I will be finding, or at the least validating.  I have some 60 names that I have to try and figure out how they all connect to each other, or if they don't connect at all.

I am sure that there is a better way then going through all the images searching for certain SURNAMES but this seems to be working for me.

If anyone has any idea's of what else I can do for Slovakia searching (online) only right now as I am living on the West Coast.

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