Brick Walls: Maternal Families (Kondrc, Benadik)

I have been trying to get back into researching the family tree's but time has not been so nice these past few months.  I wish I had the time go order some much needed microfiche and then actually be able to view them.     These are for the Slovak Church Records which I cant seem to find, or are missing for the Bucany, Slovakia area.  I had them a while ago, and thought I saved most of that information, but that's for another post.

I have been working hard of connecting the dots for my KONDRC/BENADIK

Right now:

John Kondrc b. 1820ish  d.18 Aug 1900 (have record for death)
Married Maria Benadik (1840's based off birth of son) cant find record she was b.  1821 and d. 7feb1873 (cant find record)

I am trying to go back on each of these lines.  It shows that John was born in Brestovany around 1820 (wish I could find the marriage again.  FamilySearch shows index's for Brestovany births and I was unable to find any names that would even be considered a close match for him.

I know of 2 Joannes/Jan/John Kondrcs born in Bucany around 1820, one of them might be them.

1st: Joanne Kondrc born 24Apr1820 to Michael Kondrc and  Maria Novak  Bucany
2nd: Joanne Kondrc born 24Dec1820 to Joseph Kondrc and Catharine Vikovic Bucany

Maria Benadik possible just based off year and location.  There was a Maria Benadik born 1821 same year that I am looking for, and in Brestovany, which is where some of my family came from.  From most accounts its was either Brestovany or Bucany for majority of the families.

I guess it might just be day going through each Microfiche to see if  I can find the marriage information from either Brestovany or Bucany for this KONDRC/BENADIK, maybe then I can go a step back on each of them.

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