Brazil Immigration found

I wanted to give FamilySearch another go today with my searching for Portuguese and Brazilian genealogy.  Since I have started researching Brazil/Portugal there have been no updates to the databases, (or at least they have not advertised any).

On the first try I found a match, one possible reason was that we had finally figured out the last name for him.  At first we had the last names backwards.  Once I found him (x2) in the immigration to Brazil from Portugal for 1950, and 1954 I was able to get his parents names.

Once I found his parents names I found out his brother's name also.  The one problem that I am having at the moment is that I know that he was married, and I have what I believe is his wife's name, but I have been unable to find her at the moment.  

Most of the information is just word of mouth so any or all parts of the names could be wrong. The immigration card only states that he was married, not the name of the spouse.  Additionally his children I believe were all over 18 when he traveled (or they are listed with the mother, because they are not on his card).

So currently I can go through 2 million pictures in a row or try and figure out some way to narrow down were to look.  One issue is that the Brazil Immigration is not broken down by years on the website, it looks like its just broken down in groups with random names (there is has to be a reason they are grouped just have not figured it out yet).  

So its a good night for research, just need to hit it a little harder.

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