Request for Help with new Project: Portuguese

I have not put my family genealogy on hold but I have started to help a friend do some research on thier Portuguese genealogy.  Currently they are gathering as much information about the family as the can from talking to their family.

I was able to find one document so far, and obituary that was very helpful in laying the ground work but I have not been able to find much else online (I am in San Diego, and pretty much bound here so no traveling to the location).

I am looking for whats available either online or through a FHC (microfiche) I can order.  I know the basics that they came from  Tras os montes, Portugal to the United States in the 1960's.  Now research Tras os Montes does not help me to much, trying to see if they can narrow down the location, because Tras os Montes looks like an entire region not a village or town.  I could be wrong as I am just learning all of this right now.

So I can rule out looking at any Census records in the US. I can possibly find them in City Directories in the US.  But I want to find them entering the USA, and then back to their origins.

Currently I can go back to Great Grandparents only on father's line thanks to the well written obituary.

I found one site which might be of use but it charges a membership fee of 25$ and not sure if it would pan out to begin

Any help would be appreciated.

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