Where were you on 9/11

Well all the Geneabloggers are writing about where they were on 9/11, so  I figured I would add my part into this.

I was asleep when it happened just arrived in Pensacola, Florida via Newark Airport about 2 days prior to starting a Navy school.  By this time I was already in the Navy for 5 year roughly. I was visiting my family on leave after living in Hawaii for the past 4 years.  I flew out of Newark on September 9th, and had one day of class.

I was going to school for computer training, and the day before I found out I was going to be on nights.  I was awoken by one of my friends who insisted I turn on the TV and flip through the channels without giving me much info.  I was still in a sleepy state trying to go back to sleep, or at least figure out what was so important to wake me up when I had night classes.

After about a minute of flipping through the channels I got to the news channel just as one of the planes hit the towers.  At first I did not understand what was going on, I thought it was a movie preview, but he had continue to watch it more.

Later I found out that my father was supposed to be working near the towers that morning but was late due to traffic.

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