Geni updates for March 2011

Today made a few announcements on their blog about several updates to their site.  I have not had a chance to check out any of the new features as I am slowing getting back into research.  I took a little break as I was hitting to many walls and was getting frustrated with my research.

Overall some of the new updates look like pretty nice additions to the website and I will be interested to test them out.  Below are some of the new updates for March 2011:

  • Profile Revisions - When you click on the revisions tab for a profile you will see a popup that will allow you to see the revision history and be able to revert to previous values.
  • Source Enhancements - All sourced fields on a profile show a document icon; hovering over the icon will display a hover card containing the document providing the evidence for the field. Adding sources  just got easier, when you click Add Source link on the Sources tab of a profile, you are presented with a new interface.
  • Merging - When you find a profile on Geni that may be a match for a profile in your tree, you can begin the merge process directly from the profile instead of clicking through to the tree-view first.

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