Merge Center: Now on Geni

The Merge Center is a new update for  It replaces your tree matches.merge issues list, and merge requests. It is located under the more options, and is broken down to four tabs.:

  • Tree Matches - Duplicate profiles found by Geni.
  • Profile Merges - Duplicate profiles found by other users
  • Tree Conflicts - Profiles that have potential duplicates in their immediate family.
  • Data Conflicts - These profiles have been merged and have more than one set of data that conflicts. 

Other additions are:
Requesting Merges
The merging process has also been streamlined. You no longer need to choose a recipient when requesting a merge. Now you simply approve (or undo) the merge and we take care of the rest. 
What happens when you approve a merge? If you have permission on both profiles, the merge is completed immediately. Otherwise, a couple of things happen:
  • A merge notification email is sent to the profile's managers. Note: Each user will receive, at most, one merge notification per day.
  • The profile is added to the profile merge list of all of the profile's managers (and, optionally, their collaborators) so they can review and approve the merge.
Suggested Collaborators
Send collaboration requests to these users from your list of Suggested Collaborators, found on your Collaborators page. 
Looks pretty good but it seems that most of the options will be for the PRO users.  I have not had a chance to really play with it as I just saw now I have 4000 merge issues.  I am connected to 44 millions profiles, its kind of a pain to figure it out right now for me.  I am still just trying to get past the 4 great grandparents so there are a lot of names on there I dont know so in reality I cant even help in the merges.
I do wish I could get rid of the duplicates that I see for some of my family, but I guess I have to be a PRO users to do that.  If anyone can either get rid of or try and merge (KONDRC) with the kondrcs owned by me (Decker) that would be great.  I have tried to contact the profile manager, I have tried to request collaboration, I have tried to contact Geni directly and they are still there.  Not sure what else I can do about that.
Keep up the the updated Geni you are doing great.

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