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I know this is the third post in a week about, but I wanted to tell everyone about how I was able to find some documents for relatives of mine. I have a Geni account and one of my collaborators has been posting documents and pictures for the past week for locations like Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and Germany.

I decided to send her a message via Geni and hope that I would get a good reply. I was hoping she was either A from that area, or B that she knew places or people online with access to these types of documents so I can search. What I was not hoping for was that she was pulling these documents from her family files. That would be great for her, but then I would still be stuck on a few of these names that I am trying to research.

About 2 hours after I sent the email I got a response back with a a list of links for her sources. I immediately went to each site and tried searching. One of the sites was a list of obituaries all in German I believe. In there I found about 3 known obituaries and a few more that might be related to me that I have to do some more research on to see if they are actually related.

I have already posted the three obituaries that I found on Geni and plan to do some more searching as I learn of more names that are related to us, and maybe even find some new names to research. At the end of it all I do believe that I may have found one of my fourth great grandfathers depends I guess need to read a little more German, and verify some names. All in all a good day for research.

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