Geni updates for December 2009

Well it looks like Geni has done a few updates right before the holidays.  A few are just bug fixes, but some are UI changes.   Below is a list of them all:

Bug fixes:
  1. Discussion links should take you directly to the post, rather than the start of the thread.
  2. You will now only receive notifications of public discussions when a collaborator starts a new thread, a profile you manage or bookmarked is mentioned, or you have participated.
  3. Various timeline issues have been fixed. The filters for event types are still not working on the profile timeline tab, that should be fixed soon.
  4. Various photo tagging issues, mostly related to IE 8, have been fixed.


Public Discussion: Allows anyone to start a public discussion.

Profile UI Update:  The way we view profiles on Geni has also changed and is more friendly.  Below is an example of the profile Geni showed off for the new UI.  They have done this to make information easier to find, and better flow of information.  And it will allow for more features in the future.

Geni Labs:  This is were they test new functions before they allow everyone on Geni.   This is interesting and I will be watching this, but on another note the first thing I thought of was Google because of the term "labs".  Not sure if this is going to cause any issues with them using the same term.

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